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Custom Imaging

Our technicians work with the customer to develop device images that are fit for purpose.

Software Installation

Once your device is configured in our workshop, we install the latest software and updates available. We can also install user specific programs. In order to ensure a consistent experience, each classification of users is assigned a specific device configuration and software Installation.

Inventory Management

Labels are applied to devices, based on customer requirements. Once labeling is complete, the device is logged into the customer’s inventory management system along with serial number or warranty claim number. Information can be recorded in the customer's or VeraPro's asset management system.

Device Delivery

We customize and deliver your product. The delivery is recorded, and the end user receives a copy of the receipt. VeraPro maintains copies of receipts for record keeping purposes.

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IT Support for K-12 Education

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Our approach to IT brings the strength and experience from industries across the public sector, state and local government, education and healthcare.

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